I have no idea where the expression comes from, being as sick as a dog. However, I do know that I am currently stuffed up, snuffling, sneezing, and generally trying to avoid human contact for fear of causing this sort of horrible feeling upon anyone else...

In light of that, there is much wonder in the world of magic, especially with the recent republication of a wonderful book.

Juan Tamariz's The Magic Way, has recently been republished by Hermetic Press, and what a wonderful gift it is, especially for someone who is in self quarantine.

If you don't have this book, I highly recommend you pick it up, the process of creating and making existing tricks more deceptive as Juan does, is layed out beautifully for you to start applying immediately. 

Is it an easy process that will be done in an hour or two? No of course not. This is the serious, real, gritty, get off your ass and create miracles kind of process. 

So, if you are serious about elevating your magic to a new level, then you should strongly consider acquiring and applying The Magic Way to your work. I'm sure it will pay off.

Ron Wohl

25 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

If you haven't heard, Ron Wohl, magician, retired chemistry professor, and magic/gambling historian extraordinaire, passed away. 

Ron was a newer friend, I'd only known him for 5 years or so, but he was one man that I could spend endless hours talking magic with. His knowledge was incredible. 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

23 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

I apologize for the past few days of silence. There are a number of reasons, personal, magical, and other. But one of the main reasons is I've been practicing.

Giving Up Control...

16 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

I'm currently working on a remarkable project with a partner. Normally my process is done alone. I don't work with others. I'm not against it, that is just how things have been. However for this project we both came to the table with equal rights, power, control, etc. Neither of us is considered better or greater than the other.