Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere. I'm just working through some personal life stuff at the moment, and unfortunately it gets in the way of writing from time to time. In any case, know that I'm healthy, and all is good. 

Lately I've been thinking about a more theatrical slant to magic. Previous posts have concentrated on the fact that we often perform too much magic and have too little substance. Such great fun and opportunity lies in those spaces between effects where we can just talk, tell stories, and share amazing things or moments, without there being a magic effect involved.

Take that time to actually meet people, talk to people, be real with your audience.

As magicians it's so easy to watch a performer do their thing and then walk off, not knowing much or anything about them, and not caring. If you show me a flurry of magic, then leave, I'm probably overwhelmed and don't care who you are.

Make me car. Show me that YOU are alive... 

Hands On Teaching!

27 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

There are many ways to learn magic. My preferred method is books, but only because I didn't have as many chances to learn one on one or hands on with someone. 

The Hard Stuff

22 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

There is a perceived difficulty level to so much of the magic that we learn. However, the truth is that most magic is really just a certain level of muscle memory and practice to acquire it.

It's Not All Magic, All The Time

16 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

Magic can be a very dangerous thing. Some performers are addicted to effects. They do so many magical effects in a single routine. It's non stop!