One of my favorite documentaries is Searching for Sugarman. It documents and follows the search for Sixto Rodriguez. An American singer and songwriter who never had much success in North America but because a superstar and truly the anthem of revolution in South Africa. One problem, nobody knows what happened to him. This documentary is all about who he was, what impact he had, and where things are now. The stories are varied but it was believed he killed himself during a show. So, what really happened? 

This documentary answers that exact question and they even manage to find his daughter who helps fill in some blanks. I won't ruin it with the interesting and sometimes shady twists and turns however I suggest you watch this documentary ASAP if you haven't seen it already. Or even watch it again. 

This music literally was the soundtrack of a revolution, incredible! As someone who isn't really revolting against government as this particular point in time, this music also serves as an amazing, relaxing and inspiring background to my practice sessions, or writing sessions. Listening to music that inspires you or gets you in the right mindset can be priceless! For me I have a handful of songs and bands that always work to relax me and get my brain racing with ideas. It's like a convenient little pill full of creativity and motivation.

So, I encourage you to assemble your own list. Here is a short list of mine. 

The Killers - Mr Brightside
Rodriguez - Sugarman
Rodriguez - I Wonder
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
Taking Back Sunday - Cute Without The E (Acoustic)
Josh Ritter - The Curse
+44 - Make You Smile
Blink 182 - What Went Wrong
Our Lady Peace - 4 A.M.
Plain White T's -Hey There Delilah

I'll also mention, that not a single one of these songs will ever make it as music for my performances, these are just for me. My own personal background music. Mood music, for miracles. 

Find your soundtrack, get a playlist together of songs that make you feel. Put that list on repeat. Let me know how you make out...


Michael Jackson Good... A New Standard

25 September 2014, Shane Cobalt

Despite the remarkable controversey surrounding Michael Jackson, his life, personal life, etc. I'd like to talk about his professional approach. 

Sometimes we forget how good Michael Jackson really was. Have you ever watched a concert of his? A television special? Or perhaps just looked at a list of his hits? It's incredible. 

Look What I Found! (And Bought)

24 September 2014, Shane Cobalt

I LOVE finding old books and props. Fortunately, I've found the stockpile and TODAY I found 2 more amazing things.

Stars of Magic from 1961, the beautiful cloth bound edition with crisp clean pictures that Tannen's released. What a brilliant book! 

Have A Dream!

23 September 2014, Shane Cobalt

A lot of people don't have a true vision or idea of what they want. They don't know what tricks they want to do, they don't know their audience, they don't know what they want to appear to be to their audience. They just don't know!