One of my good friends was explaining this to me and I think it's pretty neat, so here it is!

It's named after the city in which it was first explained with. Basically it goes something like this.

A family in Texas is outside mid afternoon on a VERY hot day when the father suggests taking a trip to Abilene to the family. "What do you think of going to Abilene for dinner?" The wife replies "I think that's a great idea. We should go" Despite not wanting to go because of the heat. "Well we will only go if the kids want to go." Chimes in the father. 
"Of course we want to go." Say the children. 

And so off the family ventures on a long hot disgusting trip to Abilene in the scorching Texas sun. The dinner there is mediocre at best, and they brave the trip back, tired and upset. 

The mother says, "Well that was a nice trip wasn't it?" Lying of course. 

The kids disagree, "We would have liked to stay home really. We thought you guys wanted to go." 

The father says he did it to make them happy. Finally the wife chimes in and explains she didn't really want to go either. 

So there you have it. Four different people all agreeing to do something because they all thought the other's wanted to do it. In the process everybody does something that nobody wanted to do. This is how I feel about certain magicians and magic acts. People all agree that it was good or fun, or something because they think everyone else believe it was! 

In fact I experienced this very phenomenon when a magician was visiting from Europe and he mentioned he had seen an American magician lecture and it was really good, he really liked him. I was pretty honest about my opinion on this particularly performer and he was a bit taken back. "I didn't know you could say that about someone!" Was his reaction. "I wasn't a big fan personally, but everyone else seemed to really like it." 

It's almost as if magicians are scared to be honest. Perhaps it's the remarkable proximity to the person or people that are presenting events? Or perhaps you fear the backlash of that performer finding out you said something. Whatever the case, I must say, it's truly unfortunate. I've had the good fortune to sit through amazing lectures, and the education experience of sitting through truly terrible lectures. I all of these lectures I am sure I can come up with some nice things to say, but why are we forcing nice words when we don't have our hearts or heads standing behind them?

This really hurts everyone. Imagine if all along the performer thought he was doing good stuff because nobody was honest enough to tell him otherwise. Imagine how good he can be with the proper feedback! Can you imagine how good the visiting magicians or lecturers would be if the mediocre one's weren't there and new blood could get a leg up to show their work? I've seen and know incredible magicians who can't book a show or lecture because they aren't enough of a name... Yet we've all seen names that shouldn't have been lecturing really. I'm not attacking anyone in particular. It's not meant to be an attack at all. Just a suggestion that we be honest about The work of others and ourselves!

We should be honest with each other, otherwise we will get the same thing brought to us. If you tell someone you love apples, and they tell you they love apples, you are probably going to get them something with apples! Or you'll receive something with apples. 

Honesty people! It's the best policy, but perhaps it will hurt some feelings along the way. I don't mind having my feelings hurt, what about you? 



My First Day Being 30!

03 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

I really must say, I've never had such an amazing outpouring of love and affection from friends and family all over the world! You are all incredible amazing people and I can truly say I haven't felt this sort of joy in years! I feel like a new man, and this year, next year, and the years to come are full of amazing projects, surprises and who knows what else! 

I'm excited

This Is 30...

02 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

Tomorrow I turn 30 years old.

It's sort of crazy to think that time has flown by so quickly. But I'm happy to have amazing friends and family. The overwhelming feeling of having so many people that care really makes it a special happy time milestone!

That's A Fine Brief!

02 July 2015, Shane Cobalt

False shuffles are one of the most satisfying areas of card magic to study and practice.