I am constantly searching for magic that fools everyone, magicians and laymen. But, the challenge is finding the material to fool both groups of people without sacrificing artistic integrity. 

In other words, I want my magic to be universally awesome for anyone watching it, but also at a high level. I won't be doing any sponge balls or ambitious card routines...

I'm sure there are those who can make them shine with the artistic light of Fred Kaps, but I'm not that person. So, I try to find material that is a bit more obscure, or lesser seen/performed, and try to make it great, try to make it beautiful and try to make it look magical. 

But, it starts with choosing the right material. if the material you do is meant for layman only, and you say things like "it fools laymen" then you are probably only fooling yourself. Magicians can recognize familiar techniques from time to time but assuming that magicians have some superlative ability to recognize something and assuming that laymen wouldn't see it because they aren't magicians is ridiculous!

Do magic as well as you can. Perform tricks to fool laymen and magicians. Choose material worth performing. Elevate your work by starting with superior material!

Back From Sweden!

27 August 2014, Shane Cobalt

What a wonderful trip! The last week or so was spent steeped in Magic.

The highlight being Stadra Theatre Festival: SimSalaBim!

An incredible 4 performer ensemble that performed 2 shows in the most beautiful setting and at an absolutely amazing theatre.

There's A Better Way.

19 August 2014, Shane Cobalt

I try to approach every trick, every presentation, everything I do with this attitude. There IS a better way.

While I'd love to assume that my work is the flawless final word, the truth is it's not. It probably never will be. But that is the beauty of the journey and that is what makes this magic thing interesting at times. 

So... A lot of you read my last blog post. GREAT!

18 August 2014, Shane Cobalt

I received a lot of emails. Which is AWESOME. I'm glad to get these conversations going and it's very exciting to hear about all your amazing projects and progress. 

I've just finished catching up this morning and I'm going to encourage people once again to email me. Ask a question, make a suggestion, a request, private comment, whatever!