I apologize for the past few days of silence. There are a number of reasons, personal, magical, and other. But one of the main reasons is I've been practicing.

When I want to get something down I grind it out first, I get my hands used to doing whatever it is I think they should be doing, then I let them take it from there. In this case it is a very techically demanding and precise move with a ball. My hands are sore and aching, and I haven't experienced this sort of pain before while practicing. But practice I do!

Sometimes we forget how difficult it really is to bring an idea from concept to performance ready. We forget that it will take HOURS and hours of practice to make it technically ready to show even the most trusted friend. Don't enter in to a commitment without a true desire to follow through, whether you like it or not.

One of my biggest frustrations and I assume yours as well, is seeing obviously poorly executed technique. What I mean is, you can see someone try to do something that they clearly haven't invested the time or effort in. It looks sloppy, and you can tell where the ball dropped. Simply fulfilling the requirements of a move descriptions does not make it deceptive, and without enough practice it certainly doesn't look polished. 

So, practice with intent! Practice with a reason. Perhaps that is to feel natural with the move, or perhaps it is to reduce tension or movement. Whatever your specific intent remember that this is not a fast and easy process and it should be something you derive some sort of pleasure from. 

Practice because you want to, practice to accomplish something, practice to move something from okay to good, and again from good to great!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Giving Up Control...

16 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

I'm currently working on a remarkable project with a partner. Normally my process is done alone. I don't work with others. I'm not against it, that is just how things have been. However for this project we both came to the table with equal rights, power, control, etc. Neither of us is considered better or greater than the other. 

Planning Miracles

15 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

Have you ever experienced a moment, an effect, or it could even be something from your non-magic life that was so coincidental it bordered on being a miracle to you? 

What if you could replicate that miracle moment? 

The more I think about the concept of a miracle the more I realize that it is many things working together to create one experience.

Dat's A Well Good Trick Inn'it?

14 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

If that topic title didn't irritate you, then you should read this, because it probably irritated everyone with a sense of grammar and a half decent ability to read. 

We are plagued with slang, new terminology, phrases, and overall poor grammar in our day to day lives. It is extremely easy and dangerous for this type of language to penetrate your personal vocabulary.

Remember When People Played Cards?

11 July 2014, Shane Cobalt

I'm not sure if you've experienced this phenomenon or not, but I've noticed the actual amount of card playing amongst my friends, family, and other people has dropped tremendously! We've gotten so deep in to a digital world that the concept of a card game is sort of fleeting.