You are probably wondering why I would use such bold expletives in my title… well the answer is simple really. I received a book. A long awaited, often thought of as a unicorn, book!

The author, reclusive, sort of… his work is world renowned and he teaches at one of the Ivy’s in California, I don’t think I need to say much more. Persi Diaconis has written a book…

That is no surprise, as he has written MANY books. BUT this book is different. This book has another author, Ron Graham! Both of these brilliant Mathematician/Entertainers have come together to finally publish a book that has been YEARS in the works.

Magical Mathematics

The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks

All you need to know about Persi is, he ran away from home to travel with Dai Vernon and he is know a celebrated professor of statistics at Stanford University. He’s also brilliant…

The work in this book is detailing some secrets that you really have to read to believe. Not to mention the emphasis on math versus sleight of hand. This is a no brainer. I am certain I will cull multiple principles that are unfamiliar to me, that will almost instantly be applicable to something else I am doing, or have done before. This book is a game changer. Very $%&#ING EXCITED!

Buy this book!



12:20 pm, by shanecobalt

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